F A R M: Fine Art Rural Mission devises and delivers art events and workshops in everyday / rural settings that empower and inspire participants and audiences. It draws inspiration from the awesome landscape and people in Rural Sussex.
Lead by Royal College of Art Graduate and Saatchi Gallery Artist Isobel Smith, an experienced mentor and course leader, the workshops, courses and projects will have her unique stamp of excellence, innovation and serious fun.

* To welcome new audiences to challenging images and ideas within contemporary art practice
* To develop and support a network of artists working in rural areas
* To bring world class art to rural communities
* To encourage exchange of ideas and outlooks
* To use art and artistic activities to reach vulnerable or isolated people and make a quantifyable difference to their prospects and wellbeing
* To use art to make visible the specific challenges of rural life
* To enthuse and excite businesses and individuals to the potential of art for building teams and communities

F A R M would like to thank Action in Rural Sussex for its generous support of this project